The US will invade China through the "Great Wall"

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The American company Cloudflare has found a way to bypass China's network protection.

Cloudflare has found a way to distribute some of its services through the Great Firewall of China (Golden Shield).

According to Cloudflare, packets crossing the Chinese border often experience access, congestion, loss, and latency issues on their way to the origin server outside of China (and vice versa on the way back).

Many aspects of the network in China are often considered separate from the rest of the organization's global network due to their unique challenges. To address these issues, Cloudflare is working with unknown "local partners" that "route local traffic to a destination in China and global traffic securely to the nearest available Cloudflare data center outside of China."

Cloudflare is running its suite of services in the data center, including a firewall-as-a-service and a secure web gateway (Secure Web Gateway). Policies applied to these services can then be propagated from the organization's offices around the world, through the Great Firewall, and into Chinese networks.

In theory, this should mean that the organization's security policies applied elsewhere could be extended to China. In addition, Cloudflare's efforts to simplify operations in China will be welcomed by international organizations and Chinese offshore companies.

It is worth noting that Cloudflare's Chinese partners would not have participated in this cross-border agreement without the consent of Beijing. Otherwise, they would be punished. In addition, Cloudflare's active cooperation with Chinese telecom operators may attract close attention from the US authorities to the company.