LANIUS kamikaze drone introduced in Israel

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This is a maneuverable high-speed quadcopter with the functions of reconnaissance, mapping and target classification based on artificial intelligence.

Israeli defense technology company Elbit Systems has unveiled the Lanius autonomous kamikaze drone. According to New Atlas, the Lanius is an agile high-speed quadcopter with intelligence, mapping and target classification functions based on artificial intelligence. If necessary, he is able to explode. The UAV can be launched manually or from a multicopter. It is noted that LANIUS is designed to work over short distances.

The Israeli Lanius is designed to fly in groups of three. Small copters are placed on top of a large mother drone, from which they take off. Their maximum payload is 1.25 kg, including a lethal or non-lethal warhead weighing up to 150 g. A small lithium battery provides a maximum flight time of about seven minutes. Lanius is equipped with numerous sensors and cameras, as well as the Nvidia Jetson artificial intelligence system. Thanks to this, the device quickly collects and processes data with low power consumption.

The device is designed to penetrate closed objects and map them using AI. The UAV detects and marks objects, especially windows and doors. As it moves through the facility, the drone, autonomously or at the command of the operator, inspects the building. Having found people, Lanius classifies them according to the principle "friend or foe", "military-non-military", "armed-unarmed". If a threat is detected, the device will offer the operator the opportunity to attack the target.

An additional advantage of the drone is the ability to set up an ambush: hide and watch, for example, behind a closed door. If it opens and an armed enemy appears, Lanius requests permission to attack.

Elbit Systems emphasized that the drone will not be able to make decisions on the elimination of targets on its own. There is always a person involved in this process.