How do drugs affect the brain?

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Although all drugs are different, they have one thing in common - in one way or another they cause a feeling of well-being in the brain. The part of the brain most affected by drugs is called the nucleus accumbens, which regulates the feeling of pleasure, motivating the person to do things that offer short- or long-term pleasure.

In the brain of a person who uses a drug, the release of dopamine, which causes a natural feeling of well-being, is often already impaired, that is, the ability to feel pleasure without drugs is weakened. This is also the reason why people change when they use drugs - the person we knew before can disappear.

What will happen to the brain if you use it for a long time?

Everything is clear here, but it's still worth talking about. A person loses the ability to learn and the ability to make informed decisions. Another ability to cope with stress somewhere hopelessly groans and goes like a heavy stone to the bottom, taking with it memory and control over behavior.